“Life is a Beach” Little Bits Box Vision Board

It is one of my favorite days of the month….the opening of Little Bits Box subscriptions and the fun sneak preview of the theme.

I cannot wait for June – the theme is perfect for summer time fun: “Life is a Beach!”


Head on over and get your subscription started – you will not regret it!

Happy Planning!


Printable Stickers by Green Lime Designs

Hi Planner Friends!

I wanted to show you a new set of stickers I was lucky enough to review and they are awesome, I definitely had to share!

Christina from Green Lime Designs sent me some of her stickers to try in my planner spreads and I could not believe the cuteness that I saw – okay, kidding….if you have ever seen her bullet journal pages, you know she is amazingly talented. If you have not been able to check out her pages before, you should definitely follow the link above. I have been a fan of her bullet journal pages forever and I pretty much jumped for excitement.


She usually uses her stickers in her bullet journal, but you can use these in any planner. I use mine in my Mini Happy Planner with pages from Annie Plans Printables.


The stickers come in a printable PDF form that you can hand cut, or you could do like I did and send them through a cutting machine. You can use this video (Silhouette Studio) to help with that or you can use your (Silhouette) PixScan mat. Can I just mention, it is absolutely amazing having them as printables because you really never run out – just print and cut more!

I did buy additional sticker sets because I could not resist the weather and calendar doodles!


Be sure to head over to her shop and Instagram page where she also co-hosts a doodle challenge each month – this month is a circus theme.



Happy Planning!


Personal Size Daily Planner Pages

I had been looking for planner pages that fit my needs and couldn’t find quite the right ones…so I ended up creating some.


These have a graph on the left side of the page for daily tasks, notes, etc with a small side bar of the hourly break down. I am a stay-at-home-mom to four little ones, so my day is not super filled with appointments, but when I do have them – I like having a place to put them. On the other hand, I like that if I don’t have any appointments, it doesn’t take up too much room & I don’t feel like I have wasted the space.

There is also a small bullet area, I use this for social media tasks and progress (icons by Agata Kuczminska).  For those that might not want the icons, I have included a second version of the inserts without them.

screenshot_20170305-075253These are undated so you could use them all year round. I have been using my Mega Date StampMommy Lhey Brush My Alpha or Mommy Lhey Pixie Alpha stamp sets to mark my dates but the possibilities are endless.


The inserts are formatted to print on personal size (3.75″ x 6.75″) paper without any margins and the print settings: “Scale to Fit” or “Scale” at 100% – either way will print properly.


These inserts are free to download for personal use only.

Social media icons:



Without icons:



Tag me #cheekypapercreations – I would love to see what you do with yours!


Happy Planning!


My Favorite Planner Supplies

I love buying items to play in my planner but I have found that I have a few staples that I am consistently using.

I have tried a few planner kits and the Mommy Lhey Little Bits Box definitely fit my planning style the most. I use pieces from this kit almost every day. Her kits are filled with so many fun items like stickers (so many stickers), pocket scrapbooking cards, washi tape, and so much more! I’ll be sure to share a picture soon! If I am not using items from the kits, I am using her stamps. Lhey has amazing quality stamps in the cutest kawaii style. I honestly did not know that I loved using planner stamps until I found hers. Her stamps are hand drawn or lettered – SO CUTE!


Pens…..oh pens, I have a giant issue with buying pens – I love pens. I am finding that lately, I am gravitating towards the Pilot G2 0.38 and the Papermate InkJoy gels. I use them in black for my every day planning but sometimes I spruce up my layouts with all of the vibrate colors found in the InkJoy packs. I use both pens with my stencils, they both work super well with them and I haven’t had any issue with smearing. These stencils I have are from Madi @thebarnwoodboutique. I like my bullet shapes to be consistent and her stencils definitely help that happen.


If you are a highlighter person, but the normal colors are just too much, the Zebra Mildliners are the best. I use these all day long to color code my day but also to color code my planner’s monthly pages. I have found that it is really easy for me to glance down and see what is going on that month if the appointments or events are color coded. I love, love, love seeing others’ decorated monthly pages but I do one of two things when I try it: get lost in all the stickers or don’t use the page at all for fear that I might mess it all up.


I have definitely been on the washi bandwagon – so much so that…my kids are also hooked. My youngest daughter has a blast using it to create dresses for all of her dolls. I used to cringe at the thought of “wasting” it, but then realized that there is always more washi, not many more years that she will be this little. Now, we have lots of doll fashion shows and pictures for the scrapbook.

Magnetic paperclips are amazing, even more so when they are crazy strong. I found OliClips a few years ago and have been a collector ever since. They come in lots of cute colors, from neutral to sparkling rainbow. They usually have new sets that come out near all the major holidays so you can totally match your seasons.

Do you use any of these supplies? I would love to hear some of your favorites!

Supplies mentioned:

Mommy Lhey Stamps and Little Bits Box

Pilot G2 038

Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

Zebra Mildliners

OliClips by OliBlock

The Barnwood Boutique stencils