Zebra Pen Happy Mail

Pens, highlighters, pencils….I am right there with every other planner addict and have a love for these fabulous writing utensils. I was recently sent a box to review from Zebra, full of pen happiness and wanted to share them.


First up, the Z-Grip Plus pencil, I cannot sing this pencil’s praises enough! I am not and have never been a pencil person, but I am pretty sure this pencil has just changed my opinion. It has a weight in it so that it feels heavier than a normal pencil – giving it just enough weight to have the feeling of a substantial pen – perfection. The eraser is tucked into the top, and is easily adjusted by a little twist. It also pen has a slight grip to it making it really comfortable to hold.
**Okay guys, I had to come back to add something that makes these pencils even better (if that was even possible). The weight is not in the pencil just to add substance – it actually releases the lead!!! If you shake it, the lead comes out – so you can either ‘click it’ at the top or shake it to get the lead out. How amazing is that?!


The Super Marble Gel Pens are so much fun! These pens instantly took me back to my teenage years, when I had to have every marble pen available. They add so much color to the pages and I love that you never know what color is going to come out next.


The Zebrite highlighters are amazingly fluorescent! The picture does not do the colors justice – they are super pigmented and so bright. They definitely make whatever ever words you need highlighted, POP!! They are dual tips, so they have a medium tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. The set also comes with a green color, but my husband loved it so much he took it to his class, haha. I will add an updated picture when I can pry it from him.

I wanted to add, I only let my gel pen dry for about 30-45 seconds (if that) and then blew on it a little before highlighting the text – there was no smearing.


The Sarasa Fineliner pens come in such a pretty assortment of colors, they are super fine pointed, acid-free, water resistant porous pens. These  will work perfectly for drawing and well…pretty much everything in bullet journals!


Zebra Pen has generously provided some of these great products to give to one lucky person! Stay turned for details on this fun giveaway!

Happy Planning!


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